Experience has show that the knowledge of the site managers is mainly aimed at the management and maintenance of the real estate and not on the surrounding space and set up.

Companies can commission Total Location Control, a Verhoeve & Faber subsidiary, to manage their sites where the view on environmental conditions, sustainability, wishes and budget constraints for outdoor sites are managed using a geographic information system. This saves clients money.

Total Location Control will develop a totally new way of information provision for the management of the landscaping/infrastructural environment. A digital management system based on of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for private companies. A unique product: with no other system can all information relating to the management of the landscaping/infrastructural environment be stored and edited in such a simple way. The advantage is that the target audience for working with the system does not need a GIS-application or GIS-knowledge. This is because the system works using the internet and is set up to work without a lot of specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of GIS. Therefore one can view or share all management information with others on the PC, field computer - so in the field - or even on a mobile phone. All information is available with one click. Moreover, the system is accessible to the various people involved within the organisation. The information is stored in GIS- layers. Each layer provides specific information on a certain management theme. All information stored can be accessed easily by clicking the location on the map. In addition, it functions as a management archive where data from the past can easily be retrieved. In this way, one can see whether a change is actually an improvement with one click on the digital map. Links to GIS-data location photos, contract documents, product lists etc. are stored and available.

We are looking forward to introducing Total Location Control and its team to you in the near future.