Information and project signs

Thanks to Verhoeve & Faber, the hassles associated with the design, manufacturing, assembling and anchoring of information signs is a thing of the past.


You simply hire a mobile sign and everything will be arranged, from A to Z; the ultimate and revolutionary answer to problems with event and project signs. Mobile signs are folding signs with a concrete base and a frame of galvanised steel that can be placed quickly and simply on virtually any spot or surface.

With us you are also assured of a professional outdoor presentation, such as project, event and advertisement signs.

Time-consuming excavation work is not required, the weather conditions virtually never play a role and underground infrastructure is not a barrier. KLIC-reports (reports to the Dutch Cables and Pipeline Information Centre (Kabels en Leidingen Informatie Centrum) are not applicable. With a delivery time of just five weekdays, the mobile signs are placed quickly and accurately.


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