Contracts and procurement

The new contract forms in conjunction with the developments in the field of procurement require specific expertise. We can advise you on the various related fields.

Within civil engineering, projects agreements are recorded using contracts. This includes traditional specification reports, framework contracts, design & construct contracts, engineering & construct contracts, construction team and turnkey contracts. You can contact Verhoeve & Faber for advice on all these contract forms. Our specialists have a lot of knowledge and experience with various contract forms and can therefore take great care when taking procedures and contracts out of your hands.

There are major developments going on in the field of contracts in the construction industry. Particularly the arrival of new contract forms (such as D&C and DBFM) has led to a different way of working for both the commissioning party as well as the contractor. In the field of procurement there have also been developments, which have meant increasingly greater expertise is required from the contracting authority. Procurement has become a specialism.

The path we provide for the commissioning parties roughly consists of:

  • determining the outsourcing strategy or contracting strategy
  • choosing the right type of contract
  • preparing the contract (uniform administrative requirements integrated contracts UAVgc) (traditional, D&C, etc)
  • preparing functional specifications
  • advising on procurement strategy
  • guiding the (European) procurement procedure


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