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  • Civil engineering

    In advising sustainable, safe and economic solutions for the construction and renovation of infrastructure, we help commissioning parties improve accessibility and mobility. Verhoeve & Faber works on smart, clean and social solutions for infrastructure and mobility. This broad perspective makes us efficient and effective managers of processes and projects of any scale.

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  • Environmental and cultural engineering

    Established in 1987, with the objective of remediating soil contamination, with Verhoeve Milieu the Verhoeve family was one of the first environmental companies in the Netherlands.

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  • Geoservice

    In the current information culture more and more data is constantly being generated. The main purpose of generating geodata is its translation into geo-information. It is of great importance that this data is not only processed efficiently, but that it is also done with the right expertise.

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  • Information service

    When it comes to the design of temporary or permanent traffic measures as well the coordination of traffic projects during construction projects or events, Verhoeve & Faber knows how to provide solutions that ensure an optimum result.  

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  • Facility services

    We take care of the facility services for your outdoor area.  As an experienced purchasing organisation we know the tricks of the trade. By combining customer queries, you can also benefit from purchasing facility management.

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  • Secondment

    In addition to all our temporary projects, Verhoeve and Faber also offers you the option of hiring experienced and expert staff for longer periods of time.

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