CSR & sustainability

Verhoeve & Faber considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability to be important. A holistic approach fits with our work; creating a sustainable living and working environment. We therefore attach great value to effective communication of this topic to all parties involved.

We are in the middle of society and therefore have to deal with several parties: such as companies, institutions, civil society and the government. We are conscious of our position as a corporate role model and pay attention to this role. We hope to inspire others, leading by example and openly communicating our sustainable way of doing business.

We are involved in initiatives in the field of sustainability and are active in several partnerships that are working on a sustainable society. We consider it important to also apply our knowledge through our own innovations and initiatives. In addition, we gladly participate in other parties’ sustainable initiatives.

We also consider it important to apply our knowledge through our own innovations and initiatives. In this way we make our knowledge and experience available to society. Moreover, we provide space for our employees to further develop themselves through participation in these kinds of initiatives or through the development of their own sustainable ideas.

Our knowledge, expertise and involvement form a valuable chain between parties. We consider intensive cooperation as the deciding factor for innovative, feasible projects. Verhoeve & Faber connects people and parties, achieves common objectives, translates these into concrete projects and ensures their realisation.

At Verhoeve & Faber we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should reflect our sustainable approach.

Sustainability objectives
We support our clients every day in achieving their own sustainability objectives and we help them to show leadership in creating a sustainable living environment. We also improve our own performance as an employer and as a member of society because leading by example benefits our stakeholders (clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers).