The history of the Verhoeve family in infrastructure starts with the procurement issued by the municipality of Leeuwarden on July 2, 1859. The procurement concerned the delivery of “thirty thousand cube Quenast cobblestones”. These are cobblestones extracted from igneous rocks of porphyry in the town of Quenast in Belgium.

The municipality was stuck with the process of processing the cobblestones and negotiated a good paver in the deal with the supplier. This meant that Janus Verhoeve, born in Sluis (in the Dutch province of Zeeuws Vlaanderen) went to Leeuwarden where he established himself by starting a paving company.


The S. Verhoeve company is mentioned as early as 1897 in the procurement reports.

Over the years, the scope of the projects that people registered and that were awarded, greatly increased. S. Verhoeve is also mentioned in the announcements and adverts as a buyer and seller of real estate. With the financial help of Janus, Janus Christiaan’s eldest son Herman Verhoeve becomes active as the director of the Leeuwarden asphalt plant.

In 1940 Sjoerd Verhoeve is forced to work for the German occupiers at the “Fliegerhorst Leeuwarden”. As evidenced by a letter of the occupier that states Sjoerd Verhoeve sabotaged his work, he is captured and dies in captivity in September 1940. Janus Verhoeve also dies in World War II. He dies in a concentration camp.

During World War II, Theo Verhoeve (3rd generation), Sjoerd Verhoeve’s youngest son, hides in Eernewoude and in the Noordoostpolder, among other places. There he gets to know his future partner, Herman Faber. In the years 1949 up to and including 1959 the company is called “Th. Verhoeve and H. Faber”. From 1960 the company is renamed “Verhoeve and Faber”.


Sjoerd Verhoeve senior (4rd generation) further expands the Verhoeve and Faber company. With great charisma and a lot of energy he knew how to bind together commissioning parties, working relationships and employees. The company flourishes. The profits were invested into new activities, expansion of existing activities and the takeover of companies that suited the company’s strategy. This strategy meant ensuring diversification to spread risk. From that moment on, Verhoeve Groep BV was controlled by the various operating companies and regions.

Due to the changing market conditions combined with heavy investments in golf and the environment, the Verhoeve family sold the Verhoeve Groep contracting company after 153 years; a company with operating companies in the field of civil infrastructure, landscaping, golf course construction and maintenance, hydraulic engineering, environment, consultants and engineers.

Specific market demand made Bas Hunting and Sjoerd Verhoeve decide to (re)introduce the old, reliable and powerful name Verhoeve & Faber in another field. Verhoeve & Faber advises, among other things, on (re)developing private company locations during the entire process from initiation to implementation. This is conducted through both process management as well as the entire civil engineering of all plan phases.This is mainly fuelled by the subsidiary Total Location Control. TLC will develop a new innovative way of information provision for the management of the green/infrastructural environment. A digital management system based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) mainly private companies. A unique product: with no other system can all information relating to the management of the landscaping/infrastructural environment be stored and edited in such a simple way.

In addition to managing sites through GIS and the subsequent activities, Verhoeve & Faber provides quality advice for governments and groundwork, road construction and hydraulic engineering contractors within the SME industry. In the coming years, projects will be tendered in a more holistic fashion. These holistic contracts mean more responsibility for the groundwork, road construction and hydraulic engineering contractor, due to which the division of roles in construction will change. Considering the current economic developments, groundwork, road construction and hydraulic engineering companies are very busy streamlining their organisations and will be outsourcing more in the preparation phase. Verhoeve & Faber is happy to be of service to them.


  1859 Janus C.H. Verhoeve J.C.H. Verhoeve   1909 Sjoerd Verhoeve S. Verhoeve   1940 Weduwe F. Verhoeve Bijlsma Wed. F. Verhoeve-Bijlsma   1942 Th. Verhoeve Th. Verhoeve 1949 Th. Verhoeve en H. Faber 1960 Verhoeve en Faber 1981 Verhoeve en Faber - Linea Recta   1983 Sjoerd C.H. Verhoeve Verhoeve en Faber - Linea Recta 1996 (Verhoeve Junior Participatie participatiemaatschappij) Sjoerd C. en Friso Verhoeve   2000 Verhoeve Groep 2012 2011 Sjoerd C. Verhoeve Verhoeve Junior Participatie 2014   Sjoerd C. Verhoeve Verhoeve en Faber